About the Artist


How it all began…

Originally from Southern California, Cindie currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. A self-taught artist, her passion for art began at a young age. Her mother painted in oils and taught her how to make Papier-mâché jewelry, which led her to the process of creating art. 

As a multi-media artist you will see hand painted papers, cut and torn magazine papers and other ephemera used to create her unique pieces. She will layer, manipulate and stiffen the papers in order to show movement. 

You may also find some “hidden gems” in her pieces. Perhaps you’ll see a stiletto heel, record album, back of a patio chair and so on. With her new found love of collage, her journey with this style of fine art has only just begun. 

Cindie views the world as a painting, and says "there is beauty to be found in everything, and I'm always challenging myself  to put a new spin on the ordinary and enhance it!”